November 18, 2013

Help pick T.T's New Logo!

Submissions for Timeless Tales' Puss in Boots issue are closed and I've had my first taste of sending acceptances (so exciting!) and rejections (so painful!). I can't wait to share the stories I've chosen with everyone because we have some serious talent involved. But it's still going to be a while because I need to get the audio versions recorded and revamp the website for more long term use.

And one part of revamping the website will involve a new logo to help brand the magazine. My friend Suzi Spooner was kind enough to give me some sketches, but now I have to choose before she does a final polish on one. I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments.

Remember that I need something that will ideally look great on the website's header and on business cards.

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3


A.L. Loveday said...

I like the third one - the other two remind me of cinderella and I know TT is including mythology as well as fairy tales...might be best not to have such iconic fairy tale symbolism? They're all great though!
Looking forward to reading the first issue, good luck :)

Adelewen said...

I definitely like #2 or #3. I like #2 better, but the fact that #3 is a clock is kind of awesome.

SecretAgentMum said...

# 3 ! I think some sort of revamped steampunk-like clock works well with "timeless tales" do remember the 1964 Fisher price tick-tock clock ? It had scenes on it, what about something vaguely like that? Am wondering about the hands on the clock...(being timeless & all) Also,am I plagiarizing an old idea here? or what about a girl who has fallen asleep while reading a book ?

CMoose said...

I liked #3 because it doesn't pin you down to just one theme, and using a clock fits T.T. really well.

Joely Badger said...

These are all great! I especially like #3, however, I would say that being horizontal #2 might be easier to work with if you are using it for banners ect.

Laura B. said...

Beautiful logos. My favorite is number 3. I love the way the feathers are the hands of the clock. The other two are very reminiscent of Cinderella and the third is more exemplary of Timeless Tales.

Jen13 said...

They are all lovely, but #3 is a nicely contained, whole graphic - easy to reproduce, and doesn't limit you to one particular tale.